How To Prepare for a Boudoir Session

Your boudoir session should boost your confidence and make you feel on top of the world, so being prepared when you come into the studio is vital to making the most of your experience. Keep reading for lots of tips on how to prepare for your boudoir session so you can be sure you’re ready physically + mentally. Everyone has different preferences, so take these with a grain of salt. Do what feels best for you + leave the rest. As long as you feel sexy + confident, nothing else is mandatory. Here are some things to consider doing to prepare your session.

Make sure you are prepared physically! If you want your nails done or your roots touched up before your session, schedule those appointments accordingly. If you want a tan, PLEASE steer clear from self-tanner, and go visit my girl Danielle. She will make you glow without looking orange or streaky. Moisturize OFTEN so your skin is silky smooth on the day of your session! Drinking water is always important, but especially the weeks leading up to your shoot, I recommend getting your water in. Your skin will thank you. Unless you’re arching your back, pointing your toes, and posing on the daily, doing some light stretches or even beginner’s yoga the morning of your session can help you relax into more extreme poses + prevent any soreness in the future.

Have all your outfits planned + prepped! Lingerie should be tight to your skin. That way, in any pose it stays in place + doesn’t move around. Contrast your outfits with your skin tone. Decide on your vibe: lace + white will give off a bridal vibe, while strappy and black will be ultra sexy. Want something more casual? Grab a set of Calvin Kleins or wear your favorite pair of jeans. Take a moment once you decide on your fits to cut out all tags- even the sewn in ones. They are usually seen through any lace or mesh, so just taking them out beforehand will make your photos even better. Wear loose-fitting clothing the day of. Tight bras, leggings, and jeans can leave indentions in your skin that are difficult to edit out. Baggy sweatpants, big shirts, and flowy dresses are your best friend day-of. 

If you’re getting hair + makeup done through me, show up with clean hair, a clean face, and some inspo for your artist. If you’re doing your own: make sure to blend any product down your neck, since clothes won’t be covering that. I recommend practicing what you plan on doing once or twice to make sure you know + love what you’re doing! For hair (if you have it,) usually having it down is best. Up-dos don’t give us a ton of freedom; however, you can always bring a ponytail, scrunchie, or claw clip to put it up halfway through for a more casual vibe.

I know that coming in, meeting me, and immediately wearing something that can feel vulnerable and exposing can be scary. Don’t try to run from those nerves; they’re totally normal. SO many clients are nervous and ask me how to prepare for a boudoir session. Mental prep is so important. Use the morning of your session to take care of yourself with these tips.

Take the day off, if you can! Use your morning as a way to slowly, intentionally set your mood. Make sure you get good sleep the night before, wake up, drink your favorite coffee, do your extended skincare routine, whatever you need to feel extra taken care of, hot + ready to pose. Listen to your favorite, positive music on your way to your session. Whether that’s some hype Lizzo songs or some sexy Ariana Grande hits, set the vibe. My personal boudoir song of choice is currently Not My Fault by Renee Rapp + Megan Thee Stallion. Check out my full boudoir playlist on Spotify. Appreciate yourself. I can guarantee this will feel silly, but morning-of, look in the mirror and point out at least 5 beautiful things about yourself (or more!) This will help you see all the good things we will be photographing later.

If you’re nervous about posing, look through my Pinterest or my Instagram to find poses you love! Take note (or screenshot) what photos you love + which ones aren’t your vibe, so we can make sure to get photos you ADORE. I am the pro at making the things you say you want highlighted POP and helping you look your best. Remember, I have photographed over 100 sessions and have seen EVERY body type. Every single one of those people left feeling confident, empowered, and hot as f*ck. You’re about to join that club!!!!

Here’s a little checklist of things you might want to remember to bring to your session:

  • All your outfits
  • Heels/Boots/Shoes (optional, but so fun!)
  • Lipstick, if you’re wearing some
  • Hair clip or ponytail, if you want to change up your look halfway through
  • Lotion
  • Any jewelry you want to wear (leave the Apple Watch at home!!!)
  • Any props you’d thought of (like a wedding veil, fresh flowers, your partner’s shirt, or a cool hat)
  • A water bottle, Sonic drink, or some liquid courage- depending on what you need. (I’ll probably have a vanilla coke with me)

I truly hope this blog post helps ease the nerves + make you feel more confident + ready for your session. If you have any questions on how to prepare for your boudoir session or need some clarification, find me on instagram + let’s chat in the DMs! I am an open book!