Couples Boudoir 101

My favorite thing to photograph is connection, and there is no better way to have your own connection with your partner captured than with a couples boudoir session. I’m a true believer that a session like this can elevate your love to a whole new level; plus, it will give you some steamy af photos to hang in your bedroom. A lot of questions come up when couples boudoir is mentioned, so let me answer some of those for you!

Q: Why should we do a couples boudoir session?

A: They are perfect for anniversaries, newlyweds, Valentine’s Day, or even just for fun! I’ve had couples book them for the day after their wedding to capture the post-wedded bliss or couples that have been dating for a while that just want to spice things up. Maybe you need some new wall art? This is perfect for the bedroom!

Q: So like, how spicy can we get?

A: I’m open to almost anything! No sexual acts can take place during your session. (That takes special licensure that I do not have, and I don’t ever plan on getting.) We can keep it super fun, cute, and innocent, or we can imply all the spice! I won’t kink shame you or think you’re weird if you want to add in some bondage gear or want to do a specific shot. If you have any ideas that you aren’t sure I’ll photograph, email me! I would love to hear your ideas to make sure we are a good fit for what you’re wanting. All I ask is that you + your partner are on the same page, so everything is comfortable + consensual. 

Q: What happens if my partner or I gets an erection?

A: I know it seems awkward, but it is almost guaranteed to happen. You’re both hot + making out the whole time haha. I try my best to keep the session light-hearted and moving, so nothing gets too crazy. If you or your partner ever need a break, you can let me know and we can take five to chill out a bit. No shame at all.

Q: Can we get individual photos during our couples boudoir session?

A: One of my packages includes time specifically for individual portraits, but I don’t offer them in my smaller packages. I like to dedicate a good chunk of time to getting you both comfortable in front of the camera together, and I wouldn’t want to take away from that if we are already under a time crunch. 

Q: What do we wear? Should we match?

A: I usually suggest coordinating. Colors don’t have to be exactly the same, but I recommend keeping the vibe similar. So, if you are wearing super fancy, intricate lingerie, your partner should wear something equally nice, like a bodysuit of a complementing color or sleek black boxer briefs. If you need assistance in finding what works specifically for the two of you, email me! Having jeans + a button up ready is always a solid move. Matching Calvin Klein sets look good on everyone! 

Q: What if I can’t convince my partner to do one of these sessions?

A: Trust me, you won’t love the photos if one of you just isn’t into it. You both need to be fully invested in the session to get incredible photos. Maybe show them some photos from my Instagram feed or Pinterest to show them how spicy they can get. Please do not book a couples session with me if your partner is not interested in something like this. It’s not for everyone, and that is totally okay! Book a solo session instead!

If both you and your partner feel comfortable, confident, and in agreement that a boudoir session is perfect for you, let’s chat! I would love to get to know you both + take some steamy af photos!!